“Why buy an iPad, 2014 Edition” 30 Days of AgTechTalk 12/30

12 Nov “Why buy an iPad, 2014 Edition” 30 Days of AgTechTalk 12/30

Why buy an iPad, 2014 Edition

By Chad Colby

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Not sure where to start, but can tell you this.  Since the iPad came out in April of 2010, it’s taken the computer world by storm in ways we would have never predicted.  No other type of technology has made a bigger impact.   I tell people all the time, think about what you were doing 5 years ago?   If someone would have told you that tablets would be replacing the laptop, would have a believed them?   For your information, I have had the latest mode iPad since they came out.  In the past few weeks just got my new iPad Air 2, 128gb and it’s amazing.  Tablets have changed how we function.

Here’s some basic reasons WHY? (specifically iPad)

  • It’s EASY.  Pure and simple, it’s just that.   Not complicated for the most basic user, also saying that it’s a device that ANYONE can use.  Grandma to granddaughter and everywhere in between.   The Apple operating system (IOS) truly is just that easy.   Improvements over the years have made the iPad work now better than ever in my opinion.  And 10hr battery life, makes it very usable for a long time.
  • Yep Apps.   Gosh today doubtful there isn’t much you honestly can’t do with your tablet.   Have you researched all the possible appellations available to iPad, it’s truly amazing.  Apple “app” store has OVER 1 Million apps that you can download, yes over a million.  What does that mean, it means you can find EVERYTHING there.  From your favorite business software to integrate your computer to tablet when you are out of the office, so the latest information in real time of your favorite sports team.   Have you looked lately?  This to me is one of the biggest reasons, SO many great functional applications.  
  • Space.  Wow is ever nice to NOT always have to take your laptop computer with you.  More and more of us today are actually getting away from always taking a laptop around with you.  Currently still have laptop (13.3 MacBook Pro Retina) that I do use at home.   But traveling, it’s all business on my iPad.

All that being said, I get asked many times about other models of tablets.  Yes I have tried them, but that the end of the day, iPad is most user friendly, capable tablet on the market in my opinion.

Looking for more review and the latest “new” on all the Apple products, my favorite website is MacRumors.com.  Read all about the reviews and performance of the New iPad Air 2.   

Oh and it is Christmas Season, personally I would recommend at least an iPad Air, maybe not necessary an iPad Air 2, that’s the new guy so it’s a little pricey.


Chad Colby

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