“What new technology will you add in 2015?” 30 days of AgTechTalk 5/30

05 Nov “What new technology will you add in 2015?” 30 days of AgTechTalk 5/30

What new technology will you add in 2015?

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Being a “tech” guy I’m always pushing the envelope of technology.  I remember as a young man learning how to build my own computers and helping a local computer shop in Princeton IL.  Times are changing so fast, considering what a new iPad can do today is simply amazing, don’t get left behind.

So here’s my top 5 new items to consider on your farming operation in 2015.

  • Smartphones & Tablets.
    • Short story is, thank me later if in 2015 you get this technology for the 1st time. It’s easier than ever to find this technology and put it to good use.   Been to BestBuy lately? Wow are they focused on Smartphone & Tablets.   My personal picks for farming using… iPhone 6 & iPad Air 2
  • Unmanned Aerial Systems
    • Over the past couple years this is the HOT topic in our industry.  Please dont think it takes 10-15,000+ dollars to get started.  You can pickup a great UAV for 3000-4000k and get started on your farm.   SO much more to share here, stay tuned.
  • OEM Machinery
    • Regarding of your machinery preference, keep up with them on the services they now provide with your existing machinery.  Most have really changed the offerings they have now, many of these new features can make you MUCH productive without much added cost.
  • Variable Rate Equipement
    • Fact is most of us have the majority of the required items to deploy this technology.  I noticed this over the past several years that for the most part we don’t utilize the technology.  As we shift to getting the potential from each acre, we will need this technology.   Need help?  Ask your local agronomist, seed supplier or machinery supplier.
  • Nitrogen Management Technology
    • As well all know, moving forward we need to do more with less on each acre.  In 2015 there are some NEW products that can help us be more efficient with our Nitrogen applications.  Good example is in the 2014 season I personally used Y-Drops for late Nitrogen application and it worked great.  Learn more at www.360yieldcenter.com

Need help with technology, ask as many of us would be happy to help.  Despite the challenges that face us in 2015, it’s important to keep improving & technology is helping drive our industry.


Chad Colby

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Y-Drop from www.360yieldcenter.com

IMG_6012 Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 6.54.30 PM

Planting photos from UAS

Planting photos from UAS

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