UAV Training

5/10/2015… Update, 5 seats remain. 

Next training classes will be June 6th

RSVP or call 309-351- Five Five Six Four

Over the past year, Chad has enjoyed speaking to growers all over the United States about Unmanned Aerial Systems and is one of the most respected and well-versed individuals in the field. Chad prides himself on staying up to date with information and new technologies as they come out. Technology has always been a passion of Chad’s and it is a dream come true to be able to share that passion with so many across the nation.

UAS Class


UAV Training with Chad covers a variety of different topics and information. From beginning to advanced flight techniques to recommended set-ups and much more!

Topics Include:

FAA ~ Policy Updates

Show Latest UAS Technology

How to get started for under $1500.

Advanced Flight Techniques & “Tips”

Pre-Flight Procedures

Advanced FPV Technologies

and see the latest technology in person from 3DR, DJI, MicaSense, Drone Deploy, Peau Productions, and others.

Attend and receive a 5% off coupon from


Bring your ship!

Rookies are welcome! I have a few ships that people can use.

Have all your batteries charged.

Label your equipment

If you bring your iPad, please have it charged & updated

Bring necessary tools just incase.

You  will receive notebook complete with official DJI manuals, and other information.

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