“Time for a new phone what do you do??” 30 DAYS OF AGTECHTALK 3/30

03 Nov “Time for a new phone what do you do??” 30 DAYS OF AGTECHTALK 3/30

“Time for a new phone what do you do??”

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Honestly the use of smart phones is agricultural has been one of the major additions to farming operations over the past 10 yrs.   Face is since Apple iPhone in 2007, they have sold over 240 million of them, can you believe that?

Yes since the start of the “iPhone” I have had the latest model ever since.  Not saying there are not other very good phones on the market, which there are but I just prefer Apple products.  Face is simple they just work day in and day out.  Couple years ago I did try an Android type phone and couldn’t stand it, very complicated in my opinion.

Seriously what these machines can do now is flat amazing… from LIVE “FaceTime” conversations to managing all type of data with use of the over 1.2 million apps.  Yes that’s right over 1.2million apps!    Stats are bigger than that in my eyes… get this they have had over 50 billion downloads, crazy.

Ag community over the past 2-3 yrs, has really adapted the use of these apps for 100%  actual Ag use.  Machinery, seed, banking, marketing, etc can all be done with your favorite app for vendors that you use very day.   You name it, it’s in the app store.

So what advise to I have for people who are NOT using this technology….  please try it.  The Apple platform is MUCH easier to use for 1st time users and Apple support is second to none if you need training.

Just released the iPhone 6, so it’s a great time to buy!  Learn more at www.apple.com

By Chad Colby – Twitter: @TheChadColby

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