“Help I want to use Unmanned Aerial System in the United States!” 30 Days of AgTechTalk 9/30

09 Nov “Help I want to use Unmanned Aerial System in the United States!” 30 Days of AgTechTalk 9/30

“Help I want to use Unmanned Aerial System in the United States!”

By Chad Colby

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So much to talk about here.  Been over a year of speaking about Unmanned Aerial System from Vermont to California, North Dakota to Florida and everywhere in between.   Amazing the excitement regarding this technology, there’s no question about that.

We still have a long way to go, the major challenge is Federal Aviation Administration.   Fact is real simple, the technology is WAY ahead of the policy.  It’s hard to explain how fast this technology changes.  Seriously, it changes weekly.    FAA is working hard to get new small UAV program in place soon, they did announce this past week that they are hoping to have something before the end of the year (which is GREAT).   They need to take example to our friends to the North in Canada.  They are a few years ahead of us with UAV policy.   The FAA has their hands full getting this policy correct, and believe air space safety will always be 1st priority.

Did you know that the FAA set new TFR (Temporary Flight Restrictions)  over stadiums & Disney properties.  From 0-3000 ‘ you are not allowed to fly ANY UAV’s.   Interesting.

There’s SO SO much more coming regarding UAV policy, we’ll keep you updated as things change..

Other real challenge is how to get started, what do I need? What is the mission?  That’s how UAV’s work, you have to define what mission you are wanting to do.    Once you know that it’s time to shop for your ship.  Problem people think you need to spend more to get more.  WELL friends that’s just not the case.  you could buy a complete ready to go program for under 4k easily.   People ask me all the time what machinery I run and why, so here it goes.

Quadcopter:   After building my own, and buying online (hobby store & eBay) for a few ships early.   I knew wanted to learn from the very best in the country, who’s the best?  Got hooked up with Aerial Media Pros in Southern California and now I buy most of my stuff from them.   Honestly get really turned off from local hobby shops because it honestly takes people with years of experience to keep us with ever changing technology of UAV’s.   AMP is at the top of their game, they have been to DJI factory in China as invited guests.    There are lots of small ship builders out there right now, and that’s ok.   Remember this as you prepare to buy your UAV’s, spending the most $$$$$ does NOT mean you have the best ship.   Fact is, technology is changing seriously by the week, so stay tuned.    I have a couple of these and they work SO well. 

Fixed Wings:   Being a private pilot myself, I understand the challenges with fixed wing ships.   For years I thought we would need that technology in ag to cover the large amounts of acres.   So after lots of research I decide to purchase an Ag Eagle last year and flew it lots in 2014.  Honestly it’s an amazing ship, but like any another computer you need to learn how operate it correctly.  They have some game changing new stuff coming in 2015, and I was fortunate  over the past few months to fly it.   I had been honored to help offer my opinion on the new “Rapid AgScout and all I can tell you is GAME CHANGER, period.

Also like to add, I buy my ships just like you do, NONE of these companies paid me to mention them.

Real exciting time for agricultural use of Unmanned Aerial System in 2015.   Don’t worry friends, I am going keep working hard to support this technology for Ag use.

Other fun items of interest:

  • DJI Lightbridge
  • Testing some new options for First Person View, stay tuned
  • New ship from DJI announced this coming week.
  • New wings from AgEagle… new Rapid AgEagle (Serious game changer!)
  • Data processing improvements.
  • Sensor technology, low cost near infrared technologies.
  • Policy update from FAA
  • and more 🙂

What to learn more??   November 22nd attend my new UAV class.


Fun shot here, best was I was on video FaceTime w/ Matt Foes as we did this!

Fun shot here, best was I was on video FaceTime w/ Matt Foes as we did this!

IMG_3478 IMG_3477


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