From the tractor cab?? Day 4/30, Ag Tech Talk Blog

04 Nov From the tractor cab?? Day 4/30, Ag Tech Talk Blog

Today’s technology blog comes from inside the cab of a John Deere 9510R tractor.

Growing up on a farm the tractor the has always been the backbone of every farming operation. Today’s tractors are some of the most sophisticated tractors ever built. They are loaded with many features.  One of the newest technology’s on this tractor is the JDLink  telematics system.  JDLink gives you remote access to fleet location, fleet utilization and unparalleled diagnostic data.  Read more here

Auto-steer guidance use is commonplace today as well know. This system drives the tractor for you as it goes back-and-forth through the field. Most farmers if you asked them 10 years ago if that was necessary most would agree that it was not necessary. But in fact most all farming operations utilize the efficiencies of auto steer.

Speaking of being efficient I’m writing you this blog via Siri on my iPhone 5s, now that’s a little crazy.



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