“Fall Tillage, do your homework” 30 Days of AgTechTalk 7/30

07 Nov “Fall Tillage, do your homework” 30 Days of AgTechTalk 7/30

Fall Tillage, do your homework

By Chad Colby

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As you prepare for 2015 crop season, your fall preparation is always been a key component.   Over the years, some 25 now I have learned proper fall tillage is a key component for success in the next crop year and beyond.

Biggest challenges are always the weather that happens during the crop season. Also a major factor is the harvesting conditions.   In 2014 for the most part it’s was very very wet during harvest and depending on how you acted, will factor into your solution for tillage.


In the past, the tillage “pass” was more of a “check the box” type of thing to do on your farm.  With better tillage tools today, we can have more options into those decisions.    TAKE the time to do this right, too much on the line if you dont. 

Few great resources I have reviewed, please check these out.

Tillage Video, thanks to 360 Yield Center


Great resource from University of Minnesota:

“The University of Minnesota Extension tillage team brings university research to agricultural producers, crop consultants, local governments, and landowners on such topics as long-term profitability of conservation tillage systems, tillage effects on soil quality, nutrient management in conservation tillage, and soil compaction that will improve the profitability of Minnesota crops.”

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Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 6.26.43 AM


Landoll Weatherproofer

CaseIH 870/875

John Deere 2730

John Deere 2730

IMG_4420.JPG McFarland Quadra


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