“Computers, why I prefer Apples” 30 Day of AgTechTalk 17/30

17 Nov “Computers, why I prefer Apples” 30 Day of AgTechTalk 17/30

“Computers, why I prefer Apples”

By Chad Colby

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Not 100% sure where to start here so I will tell my story.  Back in the day, so early/mid 80’s after we all went down Commodore 64 road, I stepped in PC based computer systems.

Actually began a long relationship with local computer shop (who just closed in last few years).  Wow was it fun, along with farming Lou taught me so much about how you go about the operation of a computer system and honestly I was hooked.

From then on I was always building and using the latest in computer technology.  Even back then I remember on of our neighbors who had one of the 1st Apples I was really impressed.  But until 2006 (yes 2006) you could not put windows on Apple systems.   So there were LOTS of limits simply due to operation system.    Gamer computer operator users actually prefer PC based systems largely due to the amount of recreational software available for PC’s.  Simple stated there was just MORE software for PC systems.

There are several other reasons, lots of conversation is about security of Apple systems.  This quote says is perfectly  “a Mac owner who runs no security software is vastly less likely to be the victim of a successful attack than a Windows user who’s protected up to his eyeballs” [source: McCracken].

So more about my road to the Apple tree….   back in July 2007 was the date it began.   That is when the 1st iPhone came out.  I was working out west and remember driving 90 miles to get my NEW phone and have had the newest largest size iPhone since that they came out.

Wasn’t long to long after iPhone when I bought my 1st MacBook and the main reason was for video & photo editing.  It was an easy decision and to get the good stuff it’s pricey.  I paid nearly 2K for my system and you could by LOTS with PC laptop.   BUT I have never looked back.   In fact I sold my old system in Dec of 13 for $500 even and it’s still going today.   I replaced it will a completely LOADED MacBook 13.3″

Fun has continued… on with iMac, had 21″, loaded 27″ and recently the new Big Guy 27″ 5K…. I have one word for you, just awesome.

Here’s breakdown of the iron in the stable now:

iPhone 6 128gb ~ (have 6+ coming, wife decided she would like regular 6, and after seeing a few 6+ in action, well I want it)

iPad Air 2 128gb ~ had them all literally, and this new one tops them all wow.  Used 90% when mobile.

iMac 27′ ~ bought in Dec of 2012, and wow does it rock.  (my old one 21″, my wife uses it)  Currently will move that home.

iMac 27″ ~ just got this BAD boy, 5K screen is amazing.  Use this in my work office to handle all video/photo work.  Plus it’s fully setup with Microsoft Office (they all are)

MacBook 13.3 Pro ~ (working on it now) it’s the machine I have will me just incase I need some HP.  And near the couch at night.

All systems are synced together with email, notes, calendar, etc.  and today more that ever things just work.  Seriously no weird blue screen issues, updates, etc.

When you do your research , you will learn that Apple computer really are more reliable systems.  Other nice thing is they have released some models are more reasonable in price.

Other products I use:

Final Cut Pro X


Microsoft Office ~ Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel

Apple ~ Pages, Keynote, Numbers


Online resource for latest in Apple info…

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.45.53 PM

Apple is now supporting Windows!

Apple is now supporting Windows!


Good luck.

Chad Colby

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