2014 Edition… 30 Days of Ag Tech

16 Nov “Selection of Ag Apps for iPhone/iPad” 30 Day of AgTechTalk 16/30

"Selection of Ag Apps for iPhone/iPad" By Chad Colby Twitter Facebook Here's the short list of active "apps" on my iPad and seriously for the record, no games on my iPad.  :) Theses in BOLD I use often General Utilities / Productivity Scan ~ App to scan items, bar codes, etc PowerPoint Excel Keynote Word OneNote GoDaddy PDF...

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13 Nov “Best Agriculture Websites” 30 Days of AgTechTalk 13/30

"Best Agriculture Websites" 30 Days of AgTechTalk 13/30 By Chad Colby Facebook Twitter @TheChadColby  Here's a list of the most common agriculture websites, info taken from each of their websites. United States Department of Agriculture ~ Mission Statement, to provide leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, rural development, nutrition, and related issues based on sound...

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